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China Adoption with Love, Inc. was established in 1995 in response to the increasing need for adoption services from China. We were accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA)from 2003-2007. Currently, we are Hague accredited.  We are a licensed child placement agency in Massachusetts, a 501(c)(3) federal nonprofit organization and fully registered with the China Center of Children's Welfare and Adoption. We are also now licensed in Florida, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire. This means that we are able to conduct home studies and post adoption services in those states, however, WE ARE ABLE TO PLACE IN ALL 50 STATES!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to find homes for children. Each placement is a beautiful story from which we learn and grow. Although the job is not easy, we love our work more and more when we see our children blossom. To establish or to expand a family through adoption is an important decision. Adoption is about love. The adoptive parents will receive it as well as give it. We believe that adoptive parents should be an integral part of adoption and get involved in all decision-making processes. Adoption should be a pleasant and satisfying process, not an ordeal.

As our agency's name indicates, we only place children from China. With great appreciation of American and Chinese culture, our philosophy and practice combine the strength of both. While the best interests of our children are our utmost priority and principle, they do not necessarily work against the best interests of adoptive parents. The quality standards for our services are: Being effective and efficient, personable and affordable.

We believe that it is important for adoptive parents to learn and to respect the children's Chinese heritage. It not only helps with the bonding in family, but also helps the children grow up in our "melting pot" society. We provide home study, placement, and post adoption services. Throughout our services, we encourage parents to read about China, to join parents support groups and to take part in local Chinese activities. Our agency organizes a Chinese New Year Party every year.

Meet the Team

Pictures of Staff

Left: CAWLI's Director Lillian Zhang with Mary, Katie, Ashley, Jillian and Lily at a party in Pennsylvania in 2006.
Right: Our Social Work Team: (back row from left to right) Freea, Nicole, Mynda, Lee, Eileen, Melissa, Jeff. Front row: Jo, Joanna, Meg.

Hague Convention Accreditation

COA LogoOur agency submitted our application for the accreditation right after the form became available and became Hague Accredited in 2008.  High service is our agency’s goal since we started the agency. We passed the COA accreditation in 2003 and became a Hague accredited agency in 2008 and 2012. We have started to renew our Hague Convention accreditation again in 2016. We take pride in our responsible financial management style and we will continue our practice of efficiency and effectiveness.  Our program has the lowest total cost in the country since we started and we are committed to stay with the course for future.


The Rainbow Fund

How to Make Donations Through CAWLI     

rainbowThere are two ways to make donations to the Rainbow Fund: 

The first is to simply write a check payable to CAWLI and in the memo section state the purpose of the donation and indicate, “Rainbow Fund.” If the donation is in honor of a child or a family, please send a note with the check to let us know!

The second way is a Security Account. Please consult with your accountant about tax benefits of a donation in the form of securities, such as stocks, bonds, real estates, etc. Please contact the office for more information.

Our hearts are touched on a regular basis by the stories we hear and the donations we receive. We truly wish to thank you for your kindness, generosity, and consideration for the children left behind. Through your help, we slowly make this world a smaller, more peaceful place and have evidence that the human spirit lives. Our CAWLI family continues to grow both in the States and in China.

On behalf of all of the children in China and all CAWLI families,

Thank you, CAWLI Staff

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