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The Rainbow Fund

Your kindness and help is deeply appreciated by our children both in China and in the States. 

RainbowChina Adoption With Love, Inc. is an IRS 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donations to the agency qualify for the tax credit in your annual return!


Our agency’s charity activities in China started in 1998. There was a serious flood that summer and about 20 orphanages were damaged. Our agency sent a letter to all families who had already adopted through us to ask for their assistance. The response was overwhelming. In two months, we received $6,685. Since Mr. Robert Eisenberg became the agency's Chairman of the Board of Directors, the agency has set up a donation account called the Rainbow Fund and we have been doing even more for the children left in the Chinese orphanages. In recent years, we have donated between $50,000 and $65,000 every year to the Chinese orphanages.

Before 2003, the agency donated mainly to foster care systems. At one time, we sponsored 8 orphanages' foster care systems. We also supported 20 special needs children and older children's educations and two crawling rooms in one orphanage.


  • Every single dollar we receive as a donation will be used directly for the children in the Chinese welfare system. No administrative expenses shall occur to the Rainbow Fund. The CAWLI Board of Directors approves each donation.
  • The agency respects all donors’ intentions for donations under the guidelines of the IRS 501(c)(3) regulations.
  • The agency donates to the orphanages through the provincial government so the Chinese government can supervise the way the orphanages use the donation. To make sure that the orphanages do receive the donation, we request a receipt and report on the donations from the orphanages. To better maintain the agency’s 501 (c)(3) nonprofit status and to make the annual auditing easier, we will not open an account or hire anybody in China.
  • A donation report shall be provided through the agency’s web site every year for public accountability.

2015 Donation report:

January 1 through December 31 of 2015 our agency has received $19,870 from about 47 families and individuals. Our agency during the same period has donated about $78,000 to the Chinese orphanages.

 Jiangxi (江西)

               Zhangshu:             $2,500 (special needs program)

               Fuzhou:                 $2,500 (special needs program)

 Inner Mongolia (内蒙古)

              Wulanchabu Children’s Welfare Institute        $73,000

Hired ten nannies; Installed two German Industrial Water purify systems, water supply, daily food and diaper supply

Total:                                    $78,000

Balance                         - $58,130.00



Hague Convention Accreditation

COA LogoOur agency submitted our application for the accreditation right after the form became available and became Hague Accredited in 2007.  High service is our agency’s goal since we started the agency. We passed the COA accreditation in 2003 and Lillian, our director, is a COA peer reviewer. We think the Hague Convention is important and we are fully ready for Hague accreditation. While there is a cost associated with the Hague accreditation, our agency is determined not to raise our adoption fees. We take pride in our responsible financial management style and we will continue our practice of efficiency and effectiveness. Our program has the lowest total cost in the country since we started and we are committed to stay with the course for future.

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