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Complaint Policy and Procedures

complaint Policy & Procedure

 1. Adoptive Parents Grounds of Complaint

Prospective adoptive parents, adoptive parents, birth parents and adoptees have a right to complain about anything relating to this Agency's policies, procedures, employees' work quality and/ or attitude or anything about this agency’s collaborative providers. The complaint can be filed in writing to the Agency's Director, the Board of Directors, and the CCCWA.  The Agency's director shall respond in writing to the complainant within 15 working days of the complaint's receipt.  CAWLI will expedite complaint review and response upon request, or when the complaint involves concerns that must be addressed sooner.  In these cases, a response will be provided within 5 working days.

A complaint can also be filed with the Department of Early Education & Care (EEC) (formerly the Office of Child Care Services) at any time.     

To file a complaint, contact the following:

Lillian Zhang, Agency Director, CAWLI, 251 Harvard St., #19, Brookline, MA  02446

CAWLI Board of Directors, 251 Harvard St., #19-20, Brookline, MA  02446

Mr. Michael J. Curran, Licensure Specialist, Department of Children and Families, (978) 681-9684,  x305;  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ; www.eec.state.ma.us

Hague Convention Complaints Registry: get forms from http://adoptionusca.state./gov/HCRWeb/complaintForm.aspx or by calling the Department of State at (888) 407-4747.Fax it to the U.S. Central Authority at 202-736-9080 or mail it and any supporting documents to:                                           Attn: U.S. Central Authority
U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of Children’s Issues, Adoption Unit (SA-29)
                                                2201 C Street, NW, Washington , DC 20520

Administrative Office, China Center of Adoption Affairs, www.china-cccwa.org

2. Adoptive Parents Grounds of Appeal

The CAWLI Board of Directors provides an opportunity to appeal decisions made by this agency.  Prospective adoptive parents have a right to appeal decisions made by this agency, including:

1. Denial of prospective adoptive parents' application;

2. Decline a favorable home study by a licensed adoption agency;

3. Refusal to present to CCCWA the applicant's rejection of an assignment;

4. Decision about a complaint filed with the Agency’s Director.

The appeal must be filed in writing with the Agency's Board of Directors within 7 working days of being notified of the Agency's decision. The writing must clarify the facts, issues, grounds for the appeal. The Board of Directors shall schedule a hearing within 20 working days. The Agency's director and/or employee who challenge the decision shall attend the hearing. The decision of the Board shall be made in 10 working days after the hearing and shall be forwarded to the complainant in writing.  The decision of the Board shall be final.   

To file an appeal, contact the following:

CAWLI Board of Directors, 251 Harvard St., #19, Brookline, MA  02446

CAWLI is committed to improving our services whenever possible.  We take complaints seriously. We do our best to respond to complaints promptly and to take corrective action when necessary.  CAWLI has a comprehensive quality improvement process involving client satisfaction surveys, which is described in other documents.  We would be happy to share that with you upon request. 

The above policies will be made available to all persons receiving services. A signed acknowledgment of receipt of this policy will be maintained in the applicants' file.


Know Your State's Regulations

It is very important to know your state's regulations with regard to how long the home study is valid for. In Massachusetts, the home study is valid for one year. Please be sure to speak with your social worker about your home study. It is your responsibility to keep track of the expiration date. We recommend that you contact your social worker about two months before the expiration date to start the home study update process. Our agency requires a new criminal background check, a new child abuse clearance and a home visit.

Hague Convention Accreditation

COA LogoOur agency submitted our application for the accreditation right after the form became available and became Hague Accredited in 2007.  High service is our agency’s goal since we started the agency. We passed the COA accreditation in 2003 and Lillian, our director, is a COA peer reviewer. We think the Hague Convention is important and we are fully ready for Hague accreditation. While there is a cost associated with the Hague accreditation, our agency is determined not to raise our adoption fees. We take pride in our responsible financial management style and we will continue our practice of efficiency and effectiveness. Our program has the lowest total cost in the country since we started and we are committed to stay with the course for future.

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