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Orientation Meetings

We kindly request that all new prospective adoptive parents attend an orientation meeting.

It provides you with an overview of the adoption process as well as all of the risks that are involved.

Please click here to visit our Meetings page to find out more.

Hague Convention Accreditation

COA LogoOur agency submitted our application for the accreditation right after the form became available and became Hague Accredited in 2007.  High service is our agency’s goal since we started the agency. We passed the COA accreditation in 2003 and Lillian, our director, is a COA peer reviewer. We think the Hague Convention is important and we are fully ready for Hague accreditation. While there is a cost associated with the Hague accreditation, our agency is determined not to raise our adoption fees. We take pride in our responsible financial management style and we will continue our practice of efficiency and effectiveness. Our program has the lowest total cost in the country since we started and we are committed to stay with the course for future.