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Learning About The Chinese Culture
  • It helps our children to build their self-esteem.
  • It helps the bonding between child and parents on many levels.
  • It helps our children to respect different cultures and people.
  • It helps our children to develop more ways of thinking.
  • It brings fun and different opportunities into our lives and our children's lives.

How much should our children, and we, as parents, learn about the Chinese culture?

  • Raise your child like other children!
  • Do not make them feel different!
  • Make it easy and interesting for children and manageable in time and money to your lifestyle: holiday celebration, games, storytelling, article cutting, on going events, etc.
  • Check the resources in your community: Chinese church, Chinese language class, Chinese neighbors, other families who have knowledge about China, your adoption travel group, etc.
  • If your child comes to the States at an older age, it is OK if they refuse to speak Chinese right away. Still, try to keep their interest in Chinese! It could open up a world of opportunities for them.
  • Allow your children to decide how much they want to learn when they get older.

What is the Chinese culture?

  • Culture has many dimensions: Political, legal, religion, language, food, medical, musical, etc.
  • Culture has many forms: Ruling and the ruled, regional, subgroups, etc.
  • Culture has many shapes: Ancient, medieval, modern, etc.
  • Culture has many evolving features: Some stretch through centuries and some change in decades.

Where to start? - From the most mentioned Chinese subjects in America!

  • Food - Learn to cook some healthy Chinese dishes at home.
  • Language - Several sentences will deeply impress your child and every Chinese.
  • Medicine - Appreciate food, medicine, and self-treatment methods.
  • Philosophical ideas: Yin-Yang, Crisis is opportunity, Pain is positive, losing is winning, etc.
  • Yes, come to our Cultural Workshop for more! This covers Chinese history, Chinese politics, Chinese language, Chinese nationalities, holidays, food, etc.

*For a partial listing of various resources to learn Chinese and Chinese Culture, please visit our Support page. Also, see information about our Cultural Workshops held in the spring and fall.


Learn to Count to 10

Quick Lesson Tips: Chinese has four basic tones. Initally, do not worrry about them. Learn your vocabulary first. Once you learn the words, go back and practice with the tones.

Zero:  líng  (leeng)

yī  (yee)

èr  (ur)

sān  (sahn)

sí  (sih)

wǔ  (woo)

liù  (lee-oo)

qī  (chee)

bā  (bah)

jiǔ  (jee-oo)

shí  (shr)