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Steps & Fees

Steps: please note: we only accept applications for our waiting children program for the time being
Yes we provide home study and post placement services for Hague adoptions

Fees Due Time
  • Attend individual Orientation/Informational Meeting see website or call for details


2 hours
  • Apply to CAWLI with completed application. CAWLI will then email you our Intake Package. Call us to schedule Intake Meeting.
  • the fee is also for home study only applications

Application Fee: $200.00
  • Complete home study process and gather all documents at the same time. A social worker is assigned following the Intake meeting & once we receive the home study/post adoption fee.
For Home study and post placement service only:  

Home Study & Post Adoption Fee: $4,550, mileage additional($2,220 of the fee is for six placement reports requested by CCCWA)
Heart of the Matters Training $239  

     $1,000 administrative fee; $2,500 plus mileage for home study for Chinese and for other countries; $370 plus mileage for each post placement report 

1-2 months
  • Apply to the USCIS with a completed I-800A form and supporting documents. A completed, original home study shall also be included.
USCIS Application Fee: $720
Fingerprints: $85 per person (Ex. $890 total for a married couple)
9-12 weeks

If either parent was born outside of the US or if either parent has a criminal record, this may take about 2-4 weeks longer!
  • About 4 weeks after the USCIS receives your application and home study, you will receive a letter asking you to come in for fingerprinting. Everyone over the age of 18 in your home must go.
  • During this time, have your documents notarized, certified by the states where they are issued and authenticated by the Chinese Consulate Office that serves your state

   our agency willnot provide the service anymore

  • About 6-8 weeks from receipt of your home study, I-800A, and fingerprinting, USCIS sends your approval (I-171-H or I-797) to you.
Administrative Fee: $3900.00

CCAA Application Fee: $1970 without a match; $1,880 with a pre-approval for a match. This fee includes application, translation and matching.   

  • Processing your Dossier. After you have your documents ready, you must have your documents notarized, certified and authenticated.

3-4 weeks

  • CAWLI then sends your Dossier To China (DTC date). You are now considered a “Waiting Family.” You will be encouraged to contact other DTC families and will automatically receive e-mail updates on a monthly basis from the agency when we receive new referrals.
  • Referral wait - varies depending on the type of child you wish to adopt.  Please contact us for more information regarding this time frame. 
  •             Our agency shall include your family in our effort to find homes for the children in the CCCWA waiting children program at your request before and after we send your dossier to China.

Currently 64+months
for a healthy child

This time frame does change!!!

  • After we received the Letter of Acceptance from the CCCWA, It is time for you to apply for I-800 conditional pre-approval to USCIS. It takes about 1 months to get the approval. Then we send the I-800 approval and the LOA (with your signature) to the American Consulate in Guangzhou for Article 5 approval (issued in 2 weeks). Then the Article 5 approval will be sent to the CCCWA for travel notice.

Agency Fee: $700.00

Child's visa fee and article 5 processing fee: $425 

  • Travel to China!!!
    It takes about 2-4 weeks for the CCCWA to process your Travel Notice. Once we get your travel approval, we can request visa appointments for you with the American Consulate in Guangzhou. Once the date is confirmed we are able to set final travel dates. Typically, we have travel dates about 2 weeks before your departure dates. Please be advised that this time frame is subject to change (weather, holidays, etc.).
In China adoption & gov’t fees: ~$7500

Travel costs: ~$4,500-5,500 per person based on double occupancy. (Travel costs vary on season, orphanage location, & services provided. This does not include international ticket)

Travel about 6-8 weeks after receiving your referral

Trip itself is 2 weeks

  • Post Adoption Services
    Families are required by CCCWA to do 6 post adoption reports (with pictures of your child) at 6 months, 12 months, and 2 years with your social worker.  The final three reports at 3 years, 4 years, and 5 years can be wirrten by the parents themselves.

   5 years